MN Whitefish Gill Nets


The Minnesota Whitefish netting season allows individuals to harvest Whitefish by using a 100’ long x 3’ deep gill net. Duluth Nets stocks a wide range of sizes in order for customers to have the right size mesh for the lake they are fishing.

Duluth Nets most common Whitefish Net: 4-1/2″ Stretch on Monofilament

Visit MN DNR’s regulations to learn about the requirements.

Our sinking style Whitefish/Cisco/Herring Gill Nets come with the following specifications;

  • 100′ Long x 3′ Deep

  • Top: 3/8″ Foam Core Rope

  • Bottom: 30 (lb) Lead Core Rope

  • Side Ropes: 1/8″ Solid Braid Nylon

  • 3-1/2″ Stretch and larger uses .33 mm or 210/4 twine size


Custom rigging is available including larger float ropes, heavier lead lines, weights, and a variety of floats.  Please request a quote for more information.


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