Custom Gill Nets

Duluth Nets specializes in custom rigged gill nets. Duluth Nets has a large variety of netting in Monofilament, Multifilament, Trammel, and Multi-Strand Monofilament netting. Our large variety of ropes and floats allows us to rig nets specifically to our customer’s needs. 

 Custom Gill Net options include;

  • Monofilament, Multifilament, Multi-Strand Monofilament, Trammel Netting
  • Micro-Mesh Nettings(small mesh with small diameter twine)
  • Sinking and Floating Style Nets
  • Vertical Nets
  • Experimental(multi-panel) Nets
  • Backpacking Nets(ultra-light compact ropes)
  • Colored Nets
  • Various Size Foamcore/Leadcore Rope
  • Various Sized Floats
  • Nets hung “in”
  • Hobbled Nets


Please request a quote for details.

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