Steel Fish Traps


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Cloverleaf Trap

Product Options:

24″ – 24″ Wide x 15″ Tall

28″ – 28″ Wide x 15″ Tall

The Cloverleaf style trap is 100% metal with 1/4″ steel mesh walling making it very durable and long lasting. This trap uses three strategically designed slits to trap the targeted bait. The 24″ & 28″ sized traps are built with a sliding metal door for easy access into the holding chamber.

Bait Box

Product Options:

Solo Compartment (15″ Long x 15″ Wide x 15″ Tall)

Dual Compartment (36″ Long x 15″ Wide x 18″ Tall)

These Bait Boxes are structured with Pinewood, walled with 1/4″ steel mesh and cased together using galvanized metal and heavy duty industrial adhesive. The Solo Compartment has a single metal hinged door while the Dual Compartment uses two doors on each side of the trap for easy access into holding chamber.

Minnow Trap

Product Options:

1/4″ Galvanized Steel Wire Mesh

1/8″ Galvanized Steel Wire Mesh

A classic in the bait trapping world, the Minnow Trap comes in two sizes, 1/4″ & 1/8″. The dimensions run 17-1/4″ in length and 9″ in diameter. These Minnow Traps can be separated at the center and are semi-collapsible.

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