Clearance Items

Duluth Fish Nets has a large inventory of net overstock items.  Please review the attached list for all items available.  

Want it now? Email with the item number from the table below and we will send you a direct link for easy online payment!

All nets are sold as is and no returns are accepted.
Duluth Nets will update this list periodically.
All nets provided below are available for immediate shipping/pick up.

Item #   |   Shelf Qty   |   Net Type   |   Dimensions   |   Sq. Mesh Size   |   Mesh (mm or #)   |   Notes   |   Price   |   Sale Price   |   Location   |   Image

10101Baffle13′ x 12′Archery Green Archery Baffle $350.00MB24-B5N/A
1011100Bags32″ x 22″1/4″ Poly Mesh Bags$8.00$4.00  
1015100Bags24″ x 22″1/4″ Poly Mesh Bags$8.00$4.00  
10161Barrier Net24.5′ x 23′1″#126White / Bottom $100.00MB24-C5
10181Barrier Net23′ x 23′1″ White $100.00MB24-C5
10201Barrier Net85′ x 12′3″#15White $100.00MB24-C1
10211Barrier Net29’6″ x 23’10”1-3/4″#21Barrier Net | 3/8″ HBP Sprial Tied$325.00$100.00MB24-C1N/A
10342Block/Lead2.5′ x 25′1/2″ #9 KnottedBlack$132.50$99.38MB24-A3N/A
10362Block/Lead3′ x 100′1/4″#44White $616.00$462.00MB24-A1
10371Block/Lead3′ x 25′1/2″#126Black w/ Zippers$111.00$84.00MB24-A3
10401Block/Lead4′ x 75′1/2″#126White$404.00$202.00MB24-A2×75-2.jpg
10431Block/Lead4′ x 24′1/2″#126Black$161.00$121.00MB24-A3×24.jpg
10463Block/Lead3.5′ x 60′1/2″#126White$297.00$223.00MB24-A4×60-ww.jpg
10481Block/Lead100′ x 5′3/16″White1′ Skirt – Only HBP ropes (No float or weight) $100.00MB24-A4 
10501Block/Lead10′ x 3′1/4″ HDGreen  $45.00MB24-A2 
10552Gill Net150’x6′1″.28mm3/8″ & 30LL$213.00$159.75MB24-B4N/A
10561Gill Net200’x6′3/4″210/35/16″HBP w/ FL-130 & 50LL$395.00$197.50MB24-B4N/A
10571Gill Net150′ x 24′5″ Sq.ClearSinking Style (1″ FC & 100# LC)$477.00$238.50MB24-B1 
10581Gill Net150′ x 24′5″ Sq.ClearFloating Style (1″ FC & 30# LC)$477.00$238.50MB24-B2 
10632Gill Net50′ x 6′1-1/2″ Sq..33mm1/2″ FC & 50# LC | Dyed Black $121.00MB24-B5
10641Gill Net200′ x 6′EXP210/43/4″ Sq., 1″ Sq., 1-1/4″ Sq., & 1-1/2″ Sq. Multi | FL-130 Floats & 50# LC$596.00$298.00MB24-C5 
10653Goal Nets7’H x 12’W x 4’L  Junior Soccer Goal Nets (2-Nets) | White  MB24-2F 
10702Golf Barrier9’8″x8’9″15/16″ #252GreenRope Bordered$38.00$20.00MB24-C5N/A
10711Golf Cage10′ x 9′ x 10′  Wittek / White$608.00$300.00MB24-C4
10721Golf Cage10’x10’x10′15/16 & 1″ No Vinyl or Grommets$450.00$225.00MB24-C3N/A
10731Golf Cage12’x10’x12′15/16″ & 1″WhiteVinyl and grommets$650.00$325.00MB24-C3N/A
10742Golf Cage11’5″x11’6″x14’415/16 & 1WhiteVinyl and grommets$740.00$370.00MB24-C2N/A
10753Hay Net4′  OTS Hay Nets$132.00$100.00MB-Attic 
10761Lead3.5″ x 50′1/8″HDGreen | 3/16″ WireCore w/ FL-130 | 85LB LC$423.75$317.81MB24-A1N/A
10771Netting28′ x 28′3/4″PolyBlack | Bird Exclusion NettingCall MB24-2F 
10781Roll 1/4″ AceWhite34″ WideCall   
10791Seine8′ x 6′1/4″ Heavy DeltaWhite5/16″ HBP w/ SB-2′ @ 12″ | 20# LC$202.00$101.00MB24-A5 
10801Seine25′ x 4′1/4″Heavy DeltaStraight Seine | Pre-treated Black | Sewn Construction $177.00MB24-B5 
10812Seine15′ x 4′1/8″DeltaStraight Seine | White $115.00$86.00MB24-A2 
10821Sport Net10′ x 10′   1-1/2” Sq.#21Black Knotted Nylon Netting | Sewn Rope Border | OTS $55.00MB24-C1 
10831Trawl 1/2″ #9 out/1/4″ Inner 12′ Semi Baloon Trawl w/ Shoe type doors$1,000.00$750.00MB24-CornerN/A
10841Trawl Doors   Trawl Doors with 100′ rope$200.00$150.00MB24-CornerN/A
10852Valance3’x18’3″ArcheryWhiteVinyl & Grommets$450.00$100.00MB24-C4×18-Valance-2.jpg
10861Vertical Gill10’W x 100’D3/4″.28mm5/16″ Green HBP$620.00$100.00MB24-B3N/A
10871Barrier Net50′ x 24′1-7/8″#21Barrier Net w/ 3/8″ Solid Braid Border$573.00$458.00MB24-A5N/A
10881Seine100′ x 7′3/16″#105USED ITEM | SB-6 Floats | 50lb LC | Treated Black$1,508.00$1,206.00MB24-CN/A