Fyke Nets at Duluth Fish Nets
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Fyke Nets


Our Fyke net comes with:

  • Two rectangular conduit frames
  • Five ¼” galvanized hoops
  • Two throats
  • 50’ long lead hung from
    • Top: 5/16″ Polypropylene rope with SB-2 Floats at 40″
    • Bottom: 50lb Leadcore rope 
  • Black Net Coat Treatment


Custom Rigging is also available, including:

  • Smaller and larger mesh sizes
  • Smaller and larger frame sizes
  • Custom Frames including D-Frames, Ringed Frames, Fiberglass, Rolled Steel
  • Zippers on leads and wings
  • Zippers access hatches
  • Throat Styles
  • Turtle and Muskrat Guards
  • Mammalian escape hatches
  • Green Net Coat Treatment


Contact us for details.

Check out our fyke nets in use: Fyke Net with Crappies. How to set a Fyke net.

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