Custom Walleye Trap
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Custom Traps

Duluth Nets specializes in custom designed trap nets. Many customers have custom trap nets built with detailed specifications made for a specific application or location. We can build traps with various configurations of wings, leads, canopies, umbrellas, throats, winkers, and pots.  

Many other custom rigging options are available including;

  • Smaller and Larger Mesh sizes
  • Smaller and Larger Frame sizes
  • D-Frames
  • Zippered wings and leads
  • Zippered access hatches
  • Muskrat and Turtle Guards
  • Mammalian escape hatches


Please contact us for more information.

Here are some examples:

  • Merwin Traps
  • Elver Traps
  • Lamprey Traps
  • Carp Barriers
  • Ultra-light Compact Fyke Nets
  • Larval Drift Nets
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