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Smelt Seines


Seines are available for both MN and WI waters. MN regulations allow for seines up to 25′ Long x 4′ Deep. WI allows for seines up to 75′ Long x 6′ Deep. We stock several sizes. Custom Sizes available upon request.

Seines are made using 3/8″ square Nylon or Monofilament Netting. Nylon is stronger and more durable, while Monofilament is lighter and will pull through the water easier.

Seines are built with the following specifications:

  • Top Rope: 5/16″ Braided Polypropylene Rope with SB-4 Foam Floats every 24″
  • Bottom Rope: 5/16″ Braided Polypropylene Rope with #10 Leads every 12″
  • Option: Bag(Pocket) are centered in the middle of the seine
  • Option: Black Net Coat Treatment for UV Resistance and additional protection(not available for Mono)


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