Custom Fishing Nets

Duluth Nets routinely works with fishermen and natural resource managers to make custom fishing nets specifically for the project at hand, whether it be harvesting or target sampling of invasive species or specific year classes. By using custom fishing nets you will be able to better improve your harvest or sample results through specific target groups based on the design of your custom fishing net. Our knowledge and history of experience with netting and different fishing techniques can assist both fishermen and researchers in their endeavors.

A few examples of the custom fishing nets we have made include:

  • Turtle traps
  • Custom Net Pens
  • Pop-up Nets
  • Lift Nets
  • Barrier Nets
  • Lamprey Nets
  • Goby Nets
  • Net Bags
  • Custom Dip Nets

Please contact us to discuss your netting needs or to brainstorm collection techniques.